Q: How did Visualsmoke begin?

A: We started by producing a stop smoking video!  Can you believe it?!  A customer liked a smoking scene we did in that video, and clued us in!

Q: You seemed to release videos in the past sporadically.  How come?

A: We never stopped trying to find new models, we just came up empty handed WAY too often for a year or two.  Thus, we had no new material to release.

Q: Has the model drought ended?

A: YES!!  We have 6 new videos shot as of February 2005.  Plus, we have a backlog of models waiting for their shoot date.  In early March, 2005, a very special production is planned, with a very special guest model!  It’s Visualsmoke’s first road trip!

Q: What are Visualsmoke’s future plans?

A: We want to give this thing our all!  After struggling for the last couple years, we now see our dreams coming to fruition!  We want to have a  video/DVD release approx. once a month.  All of our older productions will be out on DVD.  We feel this, combined with the upcoming Member site, will allow us to provide you with top notch productions, and make it viable business too.  Which keeps everything rolling!  I have to extend a huge “Thank you!” to all who’ve supported Visualsmoke.  We will run throughout 2005.  Also in ’05, we are exploring video projects in other areas. As 2006 approaches, we’ll look back over ’05 and see if Visualsmoke’s artistic and fiscal goals were reached, as well as how our other projects fared.   If they were, we will continue.  If not, we may pursue those other avenues.  

Q: What are your other interests besides Visualsmoke?

A: Wow, where do I begin?  I’m a motorsports enthusiast. I enjoy Motocross and Supercross, as well as drag racing and Formula 1.  I’m a former National Champion in the Novice class racing stand-up Jetski’s.  I restore motorcycles, currently early Honda Mini-Trail’s.  I’ll throw some links up in the ‘Linx’ of some of my other hobbies.