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December 27-Member Area Update:  Short-tempered after a long day in front of the camera, CoCo gets an attitude with your videographer!  Listen as she chastises him for anything and everything!  She smoke with attitude too!  A cork filtered American Spirit (with the filter cut in half) produces the thick smoke she craves, and she does some the best wide mouth Open Mouth Inhale shows ever!


December 20-Member Area Update:  Veronica, pony tail.  Watch as the lovely Veronica prepares her make up. Then, with her beautiful red hair pulled back into a pony-tail, watch her smoke a cork filter Marlboro! 3 views; Close-up, seated (full body), and profile!


December 13-Member Area Update:  Lots of fan mail recently for the lovely Nikki! So, we feature the clips that kicked off Visualsmoke's Member area way back in April 2005.  Long and short holders, all whites and cork filters, and perfect smoking style!


December 6-Member Area Update:  Fantastic smoker!  A perfect description of Faylene!  Very attractive and totally committed smoker.  Here, watch as she doesn't let ANY smoke go to waste!  Most, if not all, drags are in the 4-6 second range, producing tons of visible smoke, both with he thick OMI's and thick exhales!


November 29-Member Area Update:  DeeDee in an elegant, strapless number and elbow length gloves!


November 22-Member Area Update:  Beautiful Korean Model Ducati!  Great eye contact, candid conversation, and sexy smoking! 


November 15-Member Area Update:  The lovely Texy returns, enjoying a Marlboro Medium 100 box cork filter.  Lots of on-topic dialog, as well as plenty of hot OMI's and an occasional French Inhale!


November 8-Member Area Update:  In the mood for a little demolition derby?  All at the hands of the beautiful Jade?  You've come to the right place!  We did a custom vid early in '09 where a hapless 1993 Cadillac Sedan Deville was victim to a raging Jade!  Watch as she pummels the poor car into submission, all the while enjoying full flavor cork filters and smoking them, Open Mouth Inhale style!


November 01-Member Area Update:  More of the legendary Cody, with another VS120 with the filter cut in half!!  She knows just what you want to see!  She takes those long, long drags, knowing the cut filter is producing THICK smoke!  As she takes that 120 from her mouth, she first opens it a little, teasing you with a glimpse of that white magic!  Just when you think she'll inhale, she then opens her mouth wide so you can see the ALL that smoke, then watch it disappear!


October 25-Member Area Update:  Luv Pink from '06.  Practicing her OMI techniques in the mirror, and she has it figured out!  Simply about as creamy and thick as it gets!  In her natural hair as well as the rocker blonde big hair wig!


October 18-Member Area Update:  Beautiful African-American CoCo smoking just the way you like it!  Slow, lingering Open Mouth Inhales!  Watch every bit of the sexy smoke disappear as she inhales.  Her cigarette?  A yellow Nat Sherman Fantasia.


October 11-Member Area Update:  Sassy was new to Open Mouth Inhales and the smoking fetish in general when we she showed up for the shoot.  She learned very fast, and these excellent clips show great OMI's.  Lingering smoke in her pretty mouth, then watch as she slowly fills her lungs with the sexy, tasty Camel 99 Cork filter smoke!


October 4-Member Area Update:  This update, featuring the lovely Kelly, is entitled 'Tiny Top'.  She wears the smallest top, barely hiding her wonderful 'attributes'!  She is also wearing minimalist shorts, and awesome high heeled shoes with over the knee socks!  Smoking is great too, enjoying a Marlboro Medium!  Some throat clearing and coughing too.


September 27-Member Area Update: Veronica. The beautiful natural red head returns.  Seated in a bar chair, with her hair full and fluffy, she smokes, OMI style, and talks about her smoking.  Nice exhales too, and the lapel mike picks up the smoking sounds in the profile shots!


September 20-Member Area Update: Secret Smoker! We finally got enough footage of this beautiful new model to post a full-fledged update!  Watch as she practices her technique!  Although new, you'll be amazed!  Using a short holder, and outfitted in the big blonde Platinum wig, she take super long drags, followed by thick wide mouthed Open Mouth Inhales!  Wide mouthed exhales, French's too! Cork Filters and all whites.


September 13-Member Area Update: Glasses and a thick black big wig!  Faylene wears these as she enjoys her personal favorite, a Capri 120 Super Slim.  Her drags are always at least 3 seconds, and most are longer!  Nice dialog as she makes small talk, and her gravely smokers voice sounds wonderful, along with the sounds of her inhaling and exhaling!  We turned up the sound on the lapel mike she wore during the shoot so every little bit was crystal clear!


September 6-Member Area Update: Kelly's getting a lot of mail lately.  Also in the Inbox were requests for vintage material. Plus, a new customer is really into coughing.  All those requests are fulfilled in this vintage Kelly update.  Lots of nose and mouth exhales, back lit.  Dangling light-ups, OMI's, and a hell of a cough!


August 30-Member Area Update: Lovely Romanian beauty Karina visits for the first time in 2009!  Colorfully outfitted (and made -up), she enjoys a cork filter while discussing smoking and her modeling experiences.  The OMI's are excellent in the Right-At-You's, and the exhales look great in the profile clips!


August 23-Member Area Update: CLOSE-UP smoking with platinum haired DeeDee!  From her first shoot in 2007, watch as she prepares her make-up, hair, and smoking style for the shoot.  Beautiful OMI's and DeeDee's wonderful French Inhales!  Holder work with VS120's and More's!


August 16-Member Area Update: Texy and Jade were a bit tipsy when they showed for their shoot!  Slurring words a bit, they still give a great smoking interview as the enjoy first their Kool's, then their Newport's!  All the while applying their make-up.  Lighting, Open Mouth Inhales, and thick Exhales very nice in this update!


August 9-Member Area Update: W-I-D-E Open Mouth Inhales from Kennedy.  Do you like to see really thick smoke, drawn from a cut filter All White cigarette in a holder?  And seeing every single bit of that super white, thick smoke swirling in a pretty model's mouth?  A mouth open really wide?  Then seeing that smoke disappear as the model gently inhales?  Like seeing it slo-mo'd and zoomed?  If the answer is yes, you're going to love the gorgeous Kennedy in this update!


August 2-Member Area Update: A request for Cody!  We're happy to oblige with a nice series of clips featuring leather, Virginia Slims 120's, and On-Topic dialog!  Hear the leather crackle in the profile clips as the lapel mike picks up her gravely smokers voice, and the sounds of her inhaling the tasty smoke! The Right-At-You shots feature that Open Mouth Inhale that made Visualsmoke famous!


July 26-Member Area Update: Strippers are such fun as they have tons of sexy stuff to wear at shoots!  Sassy, a stripper from the Portland, Oregon area brought an ultra-shear outfit, as well as over the calf lace-up shinny black leather boots!  Dressed also in a big-haired black wig, she smokes up a storm with Open Mouth Inhales and thick exhales.  She talks about her experiences wearing the outfit at her club!


July 19-Member Area Update: Power smoking fan?  The lovely Lana is here to help!  Very nice set of power smoking, along with Snaps and Open Mouth Inhales!  Also, lots of on-topic discussion.  Also, the profile shots of Veronica, the Right-At-You's featured on June 28.  Very thick exhales as she smokes Marlboro Medium 100's.


July 12-Member Area Update: Requests for cigar inhales! Luv Pink answers those anxious emails with a nice set smoking a small thin, rich cigar!  She's one of Visualsmoke's best models because she's up to any challenge!  This time, she takes the same long drags she takes with cigarettes, and does them with the filterless, strong cigar smoke.  Every drag is inhaled, and she inhales OMI style!  Very thick exhales too!  Finally, some good audio of her inhaling and exhaling.


July 5-Member Area Update: The lovely Minsoo returns to show what heavy smoking is all about!  She smokes 2 all-whites in these clips, the second one being a VS120.  Her drags average 4 seconds, and she inhales with a great Open Mouth Inhale/French Inhale combo.  Lots of thick exhales, as well as residual exhales, as it takes a couple of exhales to exhale all that smoke! She wears a her natural hair in a pony tail at first, and finishes with a thick black wig!


June 28-Member Area Update: Exciting, fiery Redhead Veronica is featured this week.  As she applies her make-up (including her vivid magenta lipstick), she talks about herself and her smoking.  She begins with a Marlboro Medium, then finishes the Right-At-You series with a Virginia Slims 120.  We cut the filter on the VS to make the smoke REALLY thick, and she does some GREAT OMI's, as well as the resulting voluminous exhales!


June 21-Member Area Update: Faylene smokes a long, brown, and sexy More 120!  Her drags are incredible, as every one lasts AT LEAST 3 seconds, and most longer.  Even at the very end!  Thick, thick smoke.  Open Mouth Inhales, thick exhales, a French Inhale, and a bit of power smoking too!  Plus, great, on-topic dialog.  The Right-At-You clips feature the field mike, and the profile shots have the lovely Faylene lapel mike'd, and her gravely smokers voice sounds great, as does the sounds of her inhaling and exhaling!


June 14-Member Area Update: One of our earliest models, Kelly, returns!  Looking great and smoking great!  Watch as she prepares for the shoot, applying her lipstick and make-up in the mirror.  She smokes throughout, and her Open Mouth Inhales never looked better!


June 07-Member Area Update: Requests answered!  Jade smoking a cigar.  Excerpted from a custom project where Jade beat up a Cadillac.  Every drag inhaled of course.  Plus, a dusk shoot of Jade smoking while driving.


May 31-Member Area Update: New model Sassy returns for an encore, after many complimentary emails following her update last week.  Plus, Luv Pink Smoking School!  Watch Luv learn French Inhales, Power Smoking, and, perform her usual perfect OMI's!


May 24-Member Area Update: New model Sassy returns for her second appearance! Her natural red hair contrast very nicely with her green, low cut top and the vivid red lipstick she ultimately applies! Starts as she begins to apply her make-up, and also learns to Open Mouth Inhale.  Watch as she perfects the make-up, and perfects her technique as the clips proceed.  Nice on-topic dialog too, as well as sounds of her inhaling the delicious smoke!


May 17-Member Area Update: Do you like gravely, sexy smoker's voices?  Listening to a beautiful model with such a voice discuss her smoking, all the while taking the longest possible drags (most at least 4 seconds!) with thick OMI's and exhales?  Smoking a full flavor Saratoga 120?  Yes? Then this Faylene update is for you!  She just loves to smoke and it shows!  Lapel mike'd for excellent audio!  A couple of coughs for good measure too!


May 10-Member Area Update: Cody's back! Clad in black leather, she enjoys a Marlboro Medium 100 Cork Filter.  See the sexy style that made her famous!


May 3-Member Area Update: Texy has received a lot of mail recently, and we're happy to update the Member area with a nice set with her smoking a Marlboro Red Regular.  She looks awesome, and the smoking is very nice with French Inhales, Open Mouth Inhales, thick exhales, and nice smoking sounds.  Those sounds picked up with the lapel mike in the profile shots!  On-topic dialog too with Jade.  3 angles are featured; the afore mentioned Profile, Right-At-You, and 3/4 front. 


April 26-Member Area Update: The first appearance in '09 from our beautiful black model, CoCo.  In this update, she's decked out in a platinum wig and red Boa, smoking a cork filter Marlboro 100!  Very long delicious drags, the smoke in her sexy Open Mouth Inhales framed by her beautiful pink-painted lips!  Very thick, profile-shot exhales, and nice close up Right-At-You's!   


April 19-Member Area Update: Very nice work this week form one of our prettiest models, Lana.  Bedazzled in a platinum flip wig, she compliments that wig with an all white VS 120!  Even better, performs her best tricks, including snaps, OMI's, and a super nice POWER SMOKING series of drags!     


April 12-Member Area Update: Jessica Rabbit!  That's what DeeDee calls the color of her great RED hair!  Contrast that with a yellow Nat Sherman Fantasia, and watch her smoke wonderfully and speak about her smoking and modeling career.  Delicious Open Mouth Inhales, French Inhales, and thick nose and mouth exhales.  Nice smoking sounds too.     


April 05-Member Area Update: Barefoot smoking!  Veronica, feet up (sans shoes) on the make-up table enjoys a Marlboro Medium, all the while telling her smoking history.  Her fiery red hair contrasts her beautiful green eyes as she takes long drags, producing very thick smoke.     


March 29-Member Area Update: We been very fortunate recently to find the most intense smokers on the net!  Jade and Faylene!  3-4 second drags are the norm, and that's with filter's almost completely removed, and full flavor cigarettes to boot!  This week, Jade follows up her early '09 Marlboro Red regular shoot with the corresponding Marlboro 100 Red session!  She talks of her love of smoking, and takes huge drags with a double drag or two.  About the thickest Open Mouth Inhales you'll see! 230+MB!   


March 22-Member Area Update: A stripper shoot!  Meet Sassy, making her first appearance at Visualsmoke.  Still PG rated, but provocative nonetheless! Wearing 8 inch heels in the Right-At-You clips, watch as she enjoys a cigarette, scantily clad in one of her many outfits.  The Profile shots show her in a tight top, with her natural red hair, enjoying her cigarette Open Mouth Inhale style.  


March 15-Member Area Update: Our heavy smokers have been generating a lot of fan mail recently. So, we're happy to feature one of our heaviest smokers, Faylene. Faylene's looking quite elegant as she smokes a Virginia Slims 120 with the filter removed almost entirely! Then, adding a medium length holder! 3 different views, with Right-At-You, Profile, and 3/4 Front view Wide Screen! Time elapsed for an average drag is 3-4 seconds! A customer appreciation BIG update this week with 270+MB! 


March 8-Member Area Update: More excellent smoking from the archives this week.  On the same, thought to be lost tapes as last weeks Havoc, we found great 2006 vintage footage of Luv Pink.  She looks great platinum, and her smoking is equally great!  She smokes an all white 120, as well as a Cork 100.  Wide, thick OMI's! Good sized too at 225+MB! 


March 1-Member Area Update: If you love OMI's (Open Mouth Inhales) from a great looking model, this update is for you!  A loyal Member requested and got this great update!  185+MB of the lovely Havoc, one of Visualsmoke's best and most popular models!  She simply great at OMI's.  An All white cigarette is smoked, and she takes super long drags to make the smoke cream thick.  She has a big mouth (that's a compliment!) and opens it wide so all that smoke can be seen disappearing as she inhales.  Lot's of slo-mo and zooms!


February 22-Member Area Update: Fiery Red-Head Veronica returns this week.  3 great angles of her smoking, including wide-screen shots with special emphasis on her lovely feet.  Also, Open Mouth Inhales, dangles, and hands free drags and exhales!


February 15-Member Area Update: 2009's first cigar update, and what an update!  Luv Pink inhaling a Churchill!  She makes short work of the legendary cigar, inhaling every drag, mostly with Open Mouth Inhales!  A power smoke scene too!


February 8-Member Area Update: Fiery Redhead in this shoot, here's DeeDee again!  She loves to smoke and she loves to talk about smoking.  Watch as she takes the elegantly long cork filter 120 and smokes it with her excellent skills!  Nice well lit, looong exhales, long single, double, and triple drags! A nice update at 230MB!


February 1-Member Area Update: Jade and Texy are good friends.   Real good friends.  When asked, they answered "We'd Love To!" to the idea of smoke exchanges.  You know, one takes the drag, the other gets up close and personal and inhales the smoke out of the others mouth!  And with Newport 100 Full Flavors!  Nice footwear too! Sizeable update at 200+MB!


January 25-Member Area Update: Still a favorite of many, Cody returns smoking her brand of choice, Marlboro 100 Reds.  Dressed in all black leather, watch her smoke with that famous, sexy style, which includes generous drags and thick Open Mouth Inhales!  Lots of on-topic dialog as well!  


January 18-Member Area Update: A new model introduction this week.  Meet Texy!  Lots of email for her after a few samples were posted a while back.  Just 21, she's very attractive and loves to smoke!  She smokes Newport 100's full flavors with ease!  Her Open Mouth Inhales were great, and, she tries French Inhales for the first time here and aced those too!  Lots of on-topic dialog as well!  235+MB of clips this week!


January 11-Member Area Update: We get a lot of requests and compliments!  We thank all for those complimentary emails!  Most have loved the super heavy smokers we've found recently.  Jade and Faylene top the list.  Thus, what could be better than Faylene smoking a Full Flavor Newport 100 with 90% of the  filter removed!  Using a short holder, she looks awesome with her tanned skin, super white teeth, and her lovely pink lipsticked lips framing a mouthful of pure white, super thick smoke!  170+MB of clips this week!


January 04-Member Area Update: Requests for Jade have accumulated, so we're glad to give this sensational smoker the first update of 2009.  She looks great and smokes great.  Smokes a cut filter Marlboro Red regular length.  Lots of on-topic dialog talking all about smoking.  The smoke is thick as can be too, thanks to the tiny filter!  Oh, and some nice belly-button shots too!  200+MB of clips this week!


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